Who is Reeves? Keanu Reeves is an Australian actor. He is best known for his roles as the title role in the series Star Trek, Seinfeld and Speed. Born in Beirut, Reeves first acted in theatre productions before earning his first starring role in Youngblood. The actor has since gone on to star in a number of award winning films including The Devil’s Advocate, Man on the Moon and The Devil’s Return, among many others.

Who is Reeves again? Who is Reeves good at acting? Well, as you can tell from the above mentioned roles that Reeves has performed, he definitely has the ability to play the part. His ability to portray characters in such great performance is probably the reason why he continues to be cast as various different characters in different movies.

Who is Reeves good at acting? Who is Reeves good at writing? Well, Reeves has been seen penning his own screenplays, which have given him the opportunity to show off his acting skills in films such as The Replacements and The Devil’s Advocate. Perhaps the most important element of Reeves career, however, is his success as a director. From the TV show Smallville to the upcoming sci-fi thriller Halo 4, Reeves has had a hand in every successful film he has worked in.