London, the eternal capital of England and also the United Kingdom, is an exciting 21st century city with intriguing history extending back to Roman days. In its center lay the imposing Houses of Parliament, the famous ‘ Westminster Abbey} clock tower, and the famous Thames River. Beyond are the world-class London eye observation wheel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a string of major museums including the National Gallery and Natural History Museum. On a trip to London, visitors will find all the attractions and entertainment they can enjoy in an extended stay.

The Tower of London, one of the most important buildings in London, symbolizes the centuries of royal rule that England has enjoyed, since the towers were built during the 12th century. A visitor to the Tower is taken on a fascinating tour of its history and mystery, as well as a glimpse into the many centuries of royalty that lived there throughout the centuries. Two of the main entrances to the Tower are the Lady Paget’s Yard, where tourists can walk along the Lady Paget’s Footpads to the heart of the Tower, and a window inside the Tower itself; these two windows offer a bird’s eye view of the many aspects of London life.

Other major attractions include the Buckingham Palace, home to the queen herself, which is also frequented by members of her royal family. Inside the Palace, one can see the fantastic gardens, the fabulous staircase, and even the private quarters for the queen, which are often times open to the public and contain a fireplace. The Tower of London, which is located near the Houses of Parliament and is known as the location where the queen got married to Henry VIII, is also a must-see spot. It is important to stay at a licensed London hotel because many of them have access to the most valuable items in London, such as the crown jewels and other crown treasure, without any charges.