What are Phobias? A phobia is a kind of psychological anxiety disorder defined as the extreme and persistent fear of a specific object or situation. People who suffer from a phobia have a sudden onset of intense and chronic fear and are often present for over six months. A phobia can affect people of any age, race, and gender. While many people tend to develop their first phobia at a young age, some experience their first phobia as an adult.

What are phobias that a person may be aware of but not afraid of? A common phobia is fear of the water. Water phobias often cause a person to become afraid to enter large enclosed spaces such as swimming pools or water parks. Another phobia that is caused by water is water phobia, which is when a person is afraid of water so much that even if a small amount of water touches their skin, they become anxious and begin to panic.

What are phobias that people tend to be afraid of that do not exist? Some of these phobias are fear of heights, waterfalls, spiders, and large insects. These phobias can cause people to have physical symptoms such as shaking, nausea, and difficulty breathing as well as emotional symptoms like extreme anxiety, depression, sadness, and guilt.